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Energy Research Unit Meteorological Data
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Meteorological Summary Chart
Met Data Summary for July 2016
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15/11/17:  Many of the new Meteorological instruments have been set up and calibrated, and we are putting them in place.  See right for pictures of Tower 4 (wind vanes and anenometers), and the humidity, temperature and pyranometer set.  The rain guage is still being calibrated.
We have to physically move the equipment, so there will be a break in service when this is done. We will be back on-line as soon as possible.

The ERU Test Site at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory is located at OS coordinates 447175E, 185825N. Meteorological data has been logged at the site since 1987 ( wind speed and direction data; pressure and temperature data were added on 30 March 1994; then rainfall and relative humidity started being recorded on 16 October 2000).

Measurements of wind speed, wind direction and air temperature are made at various heights above ground level. Atmospheric pressure and relative humidity are measured near to ground level. The site also has a rain detector.

Choose an instrument from the list to display a graph of recent data for the last 2 days, updated every 2 minutes, or see the graphs for all the instruments on one page.

The historical data have been archived and can be made available upon request. Summary charts are available from January 2010 to July 2016

The original purpose for establishing this was to aid our research into wind energy and in particular the optimisation of wind turbine design and operation. More recently the service has provided data to other parts of the campus for scientific use – currently we supply datasets to ISIS Health and Safety each month, and during the recent past have also supplied data to Diamond Light Source Ltd and to UKAEA.

“Real time” data has been displayed on this www site since 1999, and are looked at by staff for many reasons – those we know about include scientific purposes of course, but also general interest, as well as more unusual ones such as cyclists deciding whether to cycle home, and people looking for the optimum times to go fishing !

For further information please contact Dr Alan Ruddell.

ERU Test Facility at RAL

Wind vanes and anenometers being set up, calibrated and installed on Tower 4, which is now upright. Data flow is successful.

Relative Humidity, Temperature and Pyranometer mounted on R111

Rain gauge being calibrated.

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