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Energy Research Unit Meteorological Data

Meteorological Summary Chart
Met Data Summary for July 2016
(PDF 17 KB)

08/12/17: WE ARE BACK!
The new Meteorological instruments and datalogger (using Minimet from Skye Instruments) have been set up. Data is being recorded and saved to STFC servers, and graphs for the last 48 hours are displayed on the website. However there may be occasional short breaks in service while other instrumentation in the ERU Control Room is re-organised.

The ERU Test Site is located at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL). Meteorological data has been logged by the ERU Met Station at the site since 1987 until 2016, while the met station was located at OS coordinates 447175E, 185825N.

The ERU Test Site has recently been relocated a short distance (to OS grid reference SU 47201 85760, coordinates 51.5687N 1.3204W) and new met instruments and a logger have been installed adjacent to the ERU Control Room (Building R111). The met station uses Minimet instruments and a DataHog logger supplied by Skye Instruments, and measures data at 1 minute intervals. The met logger is permanently connected to a PC running a Matlab program which generates graphs updated at one minute intervals, and stores data on an STFC server.

Measurements of wind speed and direction are made using instruments on a met tower (Twr 4) at 18m above ground level; while solar irradiance, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, temperature and rainfall are measured near to ground level.

Choose an instrument from the list to display a graph of recent data for the last 2 days, updated every 1 minute, or see the graphs for all the instruments on one page.

The historical data have been archived and may be made available for research purposes upon request. Summary charts are available from January 2010 to July 2016

The original purpose for establishing the ERU met station was to aid our research into wind energy and in particular the optimisation of wind turbine design and operation. More recently met data has been provided data to other parts of Harwell Campus for scientific use, including ISIS Health and Safety, Diamond Light Source Ltd, and UKAEA.

Graphs of “real time” data have been displayed on this website since 1999, and are used by staff for various scientific purposes, but also for general interest.

For further information please contact Dr Alan Ruddell.

Met Office: "Will it rain today?" for our area

ERU Test Facility at RAL
Anemometers and Wind Vanes at the top of Tower 4

Wind vanes and anenometers being set up, calibrated and installed on Tower 4, which is now upright. Data flow is successful.

Relative Humidity, Temperature and Pyranometer mounted on R111

Rain gauge being calibrated.

Previous Monthly Summaries
( 2010 to July 2016)

Updated: 24 January, 2018
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